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VCA cursussen

Orbi courses provides various VCA training courses on location in Rotterdam. VCA stands for Safety, Health and Environment (VGM) Checklist Contractors and is valid for 10 years. With the VCA certificate you can demonstrate that you work responsibly and that you take safety, health and the environment into account. It also reduces the risk of damage and accidents. Many clients make it a condition that you are in possession of a VCA certificate. See the certificate as an investment in yourself!

Inclusief examen
€ 225,-

Inclusief examen
€ 209,-

VCA course on location

From 5 people it is interesting to invite our VCA instructors on location. We then organize a course day that is fully focused on the situation in the company, on a day that suits you best.

For the possibilities and a quote, please contact our VCA advisors. This is possible every working day between 08:00 and 17:00.

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