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Reachtruck course

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Reachtruck cursus

Want to take a Reach Truck course? Every year, many accidents involving means of transport occur, often with permanent injuries, some with fatalities. The Working Conditions Act obliges organizations that work with a reach truck to give all reach truck operators a thorough safety instruction. This mandatory instruction significantly reduces the risk of accidents.

The Working Conditions Act makes a distinction between driving a reach truck and forklift.

For whom is the course intended?

The Reach Truck course is intended for people who want to operate a reach truck in the near future.

Purpose of the course

The aim of the reach truck course is to handle a reach truck as safely and efficiently as possible and to oversee and prevent dangerous situations. After the course you will be able to check, load and operate the machine in a responsible manner.

Content of the Reachtruck course


  • Awareness of the risks of operating a reach truck
  • Safety AI 14 and Working Conditions Act
  • Expertise
  • Daily check
  • Traffic regulations


  • Daily check of the reach truck
  • Operation and control reach truck
  • Maintenance battery and motor


Reachtruck cursus